Glimmer is the female tribute from District 1 in the 74th Hunger Games. She has green eyes and flowing blonde hair. She was killed by the Tracker Jackers. Glimmer is a Career (a tribute that trains for the Hunger Games beforehand). It is unknown whether Glimmer volunteered.

The 74th Hunger GamesEdit

Glimmer was the female tribute from District 1. She was one of the traditional Careers, being from 1. She dressed up in a lavish costume for the Chariot Rides, along with her district partner, Marvel, to represent her district's export, luxury items.

Glimmer's angle for the Interview with Caesar Flickerman was sexy and lush. She was wearing a provocative gold see-through gown. Katniss Everdeen assumed she would get many sponsers. Glimmer's Tribute Token was confiscated by Gamemakers because if you twisted the gemstone, a poisonous spike popped out. She was not arrested because she claimed she had no knowledge that it did this (and there was no way to prove that she did) but she lost it.

Glimmer was also a threat, and was not to be underestimated. In the book, Katniss mentions she is "incompetent with a Bow and Arrow", but in the film, she seems to know how to work a bow and arrow. In the Individual Sessions, she received a nine, most likely because of her bow and arrow skills. At the Cornucopia, she got a silver bow and arrow that Katniss originally wanted, and helped kill some tributes that weren't part of the Career Alliance. During the bloodbath (in the film) she is seen stabbing the female tribute from District 10 with a knife and killing the female tribute from District 6. All of the tributes she killed were females. They came across Peeta Mellark and let him into the pack in order to find Katniss. During the first night, the Careers discovered the girl from District 8 and Cato, Peeta, and herself got to kill her. In the film, they find her and Cato hands Glimmer his sword. Katniss was in a tree nearby. When Glimmer and Cato pass by, Glimmer says "oh, no, please don't kill me!" to make fun of the tribute they had just killed. They catch up with the rest. No cannon shot makes trouble arise. An argument breaks out, and finally, Peeta says "We're wasting time! I'll go check on her and let's move on!" In is absence, the other tributes talk against Peeta. Glimmer suggests just killing him now, but Cato thinks Peeta is the best chance for finding Katniss.


A couple days into the games, after the fire that brings all the tributes together, the Careers spot Katniss and chase her up a tree. Cato climbs the tree in order to kill Katniss, and Glimmer gives encouraging words. After Cato falls, Glimmer shoots an arrow at Katniss and misses. Arguement brakes out, and Peeta suggests making camp and waiting Katniss out. The Careers agree, and everyone makes camp at the base of the trunk. Katniss believes that she is truly stuck, but then she sees Rue in the tree next to her. Rue points to above Katniss' head. Katniss looks up and discovers a Tracker Jacker nest. She comes up with a plan to send the nest down to the Careers. She warns Rue, and Rue leaves her tree by hopping to the next one, like a bird. Katniss does her plan during the Anthem and pushes the nest down to the Careers. The nest bursts open. The other Careers are able to get away, but Glimmer and the girl from District 4 aren't so lucky. Glimmer screams frantically for help. Cato tries to help by pulling her out but fails. No one else comes to her aid. Glimmer starts moaning from the hallucinations that were caused from the Tracker Jackers. Unfortunately for her, her death isn't quick. She slips into a coma when Katniss comes to her to retrieve the bow and arrow. Katniss describes her as "this girl, so breathtakingly beautiful in her gold dress the day of the Interviews, is unrecognizable. Her features eradicated, her limbs three times their normal size. The stinger lumps have begun to explode, spewing putrid green liquid around her." Katniss shields Glimmer's body from the Hovercraft because she desperately wants the bow and arrows. After breaking Glimmer's fingers and turning her over, Katniss retrieves the bow and arrows. She feels a woozy from the stings she got, so she doesn't leave. Peeta and Cato come back. Peeta runs up to her and desperately tells her to flee. Katniss escapes and falls into a hole. Cato becomes extremely upset and cuts Peeta leg, causing Peeta to leave the Alliance. Glimmer placed 12th out of the 24 tributes.


Glimmer in Muttation form is lean with sleak blonde fur, emerald green eyes, and a jeweled collar with the number "1". Glimmer is the first mutt Katniss recognizes. Katniss quickly kills Glimmer with an arrow to the throat.

Catching FireEdit

In Catching Fire, Peeta and Katniss visit all the districts for the Victory Tour because they won the 74th Hunger Games. Katniss can barely look Glimmer and Marvel's family in the eye, since she killed them both.

Throughout Catching Fire, Katniss has scary nightmares from the Games, sometimes involving Glimmer's bloated body and her mutt form. Peeta starts painting as a hobby and paints a picture of Glimmer in her mutt form.


Glimmer has no known relationships in the book. However, in the film she seems to have a romantic interest with Cato, because she is seen talking and laughing with him and sleeping on his arm. She is not known to have any relationship with Marvel, her district partner, because she doesn't hold his hand during the Chariot Rides, or make any conversation with him. It it unknown whether or not she was friends with Clove.


It is unknown how many tributes Glimmer killed, but since she was a Career, she probably killed some. In the book, she isn't known to have killed anybody at the bloodbath. In the film, it is confirmed that she killed the female tributes from District 6 and 10. When they find the female tribute from 8, Cato allows Glimmer to kill her.


  • Glimmer is around 5'7".
  • In the book, Glimmer and Marvel are spray painted silver and are dressed in tasteful tunics, while in the film, Glimmer and Marvel are dressed in fuschia feathery costumes.
  • Glimmer received a nine at the Individual Sessions.

Actor PortrayalEdit

The character Glimmer is portrayed by Leven Ramblin.

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