Cato is the male tribute from District 2 in the 74th Hunger Games. He is vicious and is the last person to die in the 74th Hunger Games. Cato is a Career (a tribute that trains for the Hunger Games beforehand). He is the leader of the Careers that was formed by Districts 1, 2, and 4. Cato volunteered for the games, just like Katniss Everdeen.


Cato, as described by Katniss Everdeen as a "monstrous boy who lunges forward to volunteer", is vulgar, crude and strong. He isn't very smart and can be drawn into a trap. He has been training all his life for the Hunger Games and has a very good chance of winning. He was the last person to die in the Hunger Games. He was mangled by Muttations that Gamemakers created using the dead tribute's DNA. Cato was finally killed by Katniss, who shot an arrow at his head as an act of mercy. He was one of the tributes that stood out in Katniss' mind, along with the female tribute from District 5 (Foxface, as nicknamed by Katniss), and Rue from District 11. He has a terrible hatred for Katniss because she outscored him during the Individual Sessions. Cato is violent and was responsible for badly maiming Peeta Mellark's (the male tribute from District 12) leg.

The 74th Hunger GamesEdit

Cato was a great threat during the 74th Hunger Games, along with the male tribute from District 11, Thresh. He has a big temper and will not stand for weak tributes. In the book he is a master with weapons, mostly swords and spears. He shows off his skills to either impress the Gamemakers or intimidate the other tributes. He scored at 10 during the Individual Sessions, the same as Clove, the female tribute from District 2.

In the film, he is seen throwing swords at dummies. He was wearing a Roman-like outfit for the Chariot Rides. During the aftermath of the Chariot Rides, he glares at Katniss and Haymitch Abernathy, (Katniss' mentor), then gives them a dirty look. In the training center, Cato throws swords and spears, which catches Katniss' attention. He looks at Peeta like he's a "meal", but is impressed when Peeta throws a heavy medicine ball. He picks a fight with the male tribute from District 6, because he believes he took his knives, but Rue actually took the knives and hid. He says to the male from 6, "you'll be the first I get at the Cornucopia."


In the book, it doesn't say much about the fight at the Cornucopia.

In the film, Cato is seen slaying the boy from District 4. He collects a sword and kills other tributes. Almost all of the tributes that were killed during the Bloodbath were done so by the Careers.

The AllianceEdit

Cato forms an alliance with Glimmer and Marvel, the tributes from District 1, Clove, the girl from District 4, and Peeta. He doesn't let the boy from District 3 join until later. This pack of tributes hunts down the weaker ones. The girl from District 8 is killed by the Careers. During the middle of the night, the girl lights a fire and is quickly found by the Careers. She is heard pleading for her life, as heard by Katniss, who was in a tree nearby. Cato offers his sword to Glimmer & Glimmer kills her, but the missing cannon shot tells that she is not dead. After a lot of arguing, Peeta says "We're wasting time! I'll go finish here and let's move on!" During his absence, the Careers talk against him, saying "Why don't we just kill him now?" Cato darkly replies, "He's handy with that knife. Besides, he's our best chance of finding her (Katniss)". A few days into the Games, after the big fire, created by Gamemakers, that forces the tributes closer together, the Careers find Katniss and chase her up a tree. Cato climbs the tree but falls. Glimmer tries to shoot Katniss with an arrow but misses. After more arguing, Peeta suggests making camp and waiting Katniss out. The Careers agree and make camp at the base of the tree. Katniss is truly stuck and believes that she will die, but then she makes out a figure in the tree next to her. She thinks it is a possum, but after a closer look she discovers it is Rue. Rue points to something above Katniss' head. Katniss looks up and finds a Tracker Jacker nest. Tracker Jackers are Muttations created by Gamemakers. They are wasp-type things that will cause you you hallucinate, and in extreme cases, will cause you to die. Katniss makes a plan to cut the branch down and send it flying down to the Careers. Katniss warns Rue, and then Rue leaps from the tree, like a bird. Katniss does her plan during The Anthem, and gets stung by three of the mutts. She finishes her task and pushes the branch down through the tree. When the nest hits the ground, mayhem rises. Glimmer and District 4 aren't able to escape, and are stung multiple times. Katniss gets down from the tree and after a lot of careful breathing and trying to stay strong, she gets the Bow and Arrows from Glimmer. Peeta comes and tells her to escape, so Cato won't kill her. Katniss flees and falls into a hole filled with "strange orange humming bubbles" from her hallucination. Cato is distraught and cuts Peeta on the leg, causing Peeta to escape from the Alliance.

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